Young Creative Leaders

Culture Shift / Hastings Borough Council
H&G 2012: our Grimm fairy-tale

A site-specific performance based on the Grimm’s fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel was developed by 15  young people from Hastings, involving  photography, film and performance. Inspired by the powerful words and images of the original Grimm’s fairy tale, the Young Creative Leaders’ re-interpreted the story from a young person’s contemporary perspective, dramatising the story for a promenade-style event, held at St Mary’s in the Castle in Hastings on Thursday 29 March. The  project was a showcase for the creative talents of a group of highly committed young people from Hastings engaged in developing their Arts Award portfolios.

“Overall, the greatest success was the end event, the outcomes, the great response and audience feedback. Everything came together creatively, it was so exciting. Achieving my Arts Award Gold feels amazing! It was a lot of work, but all really worthwhile” – Natasha Kingscote
Through a partnership between Hastings Borough Council and leading creative learning organization, Culture Shift, Young Creative Leaders brought together young people from Hastings schools, local colleges and community groups to develop and programme an arts event for the town. As part of this, young people were working towards achieving their Arts Award, a nationally recognised Trinity/Guildhall qualification.
H & G 2012 was created by fifteen young people from Hastings, who worked with professional mentors in art, photography, film and theatre to create an interactive production. Their activity and their thoughts and feelings about what they’ve achieved and learned through the working process will feature in the culminating print for the Word County project. Professionals supporting the young people have included Alison West, (Creative Director of Intrepid Theatre), John Knowles, (actor/performance poet and event manager), Ali Graham (film-maker) and Andrew Moran (freelance photographer).

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