LLL Productions
A photographic installation at Eastbourne Station

Promenade is a celebration of Eastbourne seafront  in one very long image and a collection of words.  Internationally acclaimed photographer, Malcolm Glover produced an 8 metre long panoramic timescape depicts people chatting on a row of benches on the promenade whilst the text beneath – on a floor vinyl designed by Michael Munday – is drawn from the overheard fragments of passing conversations of seafront strollers.

The photographic banner  is displayed hanging from a crossbeam in the roof of Eastbourne Station and will be in place until the end of the holiday season.

The project was developed for Word County by LLL Productions and aimed to capture the elegant seafront façades of this quintessentially ‘English’ seaside town as well as the multicultural diversity, complexity and vibrance of its social mix, challenging perceived stereotypes and supporting shared identity and social cohesion.

LLL Productions has produced one previous installation at Eastbourne Station for Word County. Polska by the Sea was a series of portraits of Eastbourne’s Polish community that was shown at Eastbourne Train Station in 2009. Pictured below is the launch event, in April 2009.

Polska by the Sea launch event

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